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The staff of Educational Elevation Incorporated offers virtual, hybrid (combination of virtual and in-person) and in-person coaching for teachers, and school-based peer coaching to educational leaders to experiment with new strategies and skills, and thoughtfully reflect and refine their capabilities.

Curriculum and Instruction


Guided by Common Core State Standards, outcomes, goals and expectations, the Educational Elevation, Inc. team has more than 15 years of experience in the research, design and development of curriculum and instruction. Four questions inform design, development and implementation. 


They are: 


  • What do students need to know? 

  • How will we know they’ve learned it? 

  • How will we help them get there? 

  • What will we do when they struggle?  


Embedded in the units of study are 21st Century Skills, technology, differentiated learning techniques and assessments.

Instructional Coaching


An essential element to professional development involves peer support along with teacher trainer support, and feedback to empower educators to have a stronger belief and confidence in their instructional practices. The staff of Educational Elevation Incorporated will provide in-class peer coaching for teachers, and school-based peer coaching to educational leaders to experiment with new strategies and skills, and thoughtfully reflect and refine their capabilities.

Professional Development Training and Support


The Educational Elevation, Inc Training and Support Model is informed by effective researched based professional development qualities. These qualities include: 1) be individualized and school based 2) utilizes coaching and other follow-up procedures 3) engages in collaboration 4) embeds practices into the daily lives of teachers and school leaders.

(Support is offered virtually, through the use of a hybrid model and in-person.)

Educational Elevation, Inc. offers a range of consulting services to meet the needs of our clients. The team works with schools, networks, districts, education agencies and foundations providing three key service offerings. This range of services allows our clients to assess the quality of their practices with the goal of capacity building.

Research shows that children and adults learn in different ways. This is known as learning styles.  Educational Elevation, Inc. provides program offerings acknowledging this area, and highlighting its importance in line with student achievement.

Educational Elevation, Inc. encourages the use of data collection and analysis to inform how educators make decisions. And in like manner, this methodology also informs program offerings. Data is collected and analyzed to examine the change process throughout the various stages of professional development implementation.

Research shows there is a connection to the impact of student achievement in relation to effective classroom management.  The Educational Elevation, Inc. team has compiled a number of classroom management strategies that work in all school contexts, particularly with students who demonstrate challenging behavioral and academic needs. 

Peer coaching and mentoring is a cornerstone of the Educational Elevation, Inc. model. Peer coaching and mentoring will be provided by members of the Educational Elevation Incorporated staff during each professional development session. This will allow the educators and the facilitator to collaborate and brainstorm ideas to strengthen their ability to meet the diverse needs of all students.

The team of Educational Elevation has secured more than 10 education grants to include the Fulbright Award, Voya Financial Grant, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation and National Education Association Leadership Grant totaling more than $75K.

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